Sunday, 26 September 2010

A tidying up exercise

Hello sinners.

Don't go getting all excited, thinking Drayton is back. No, this is his wife, Marjorie, writing.

Drayton ran away yet again - he always does when things get a bit warm. And having read through the postings on this blog I can see why. So I've removed them all. A terrible temptation to the simple-minded in my opinion.

Drayton was last seen walking down the A6, muttering something about tea lights.  I have no idea what that was all about.

But in the meantime this is it.

Calm, dispassionate blessings in the Lord

[A late edit - for those that want to know where he's gone... - he's here.]

Marjorie Grendon Parslow


  1. You've deleted them? Shame on you, Marjorie - have you no compassion?

  2. See?
    That's why women shouldn't have any say. They step in and

  3. I miss the good Rev'd daily! I sure hope he makes a comeback!!!!

  4. This blog was delightful! I sure hope something like it comes along again!